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Food Solutions from Paddock to Plate

Lingham Foods was founded by Rod and Christa Lingham in 1999 to provide consultancy services to the food industry.



At Lingham Foods we endeavour to form close working relationships with businesses to provide specialized advice with many of the difficulties associated with bringing your product from the paddock to the plate.



Rupanyup, located in the rich agricultural and grain producing regions of Western Victoria.

Our Services

If you need help with the following give us a call:

New Product Development
HACCP plans
Quality Management Systems
Labeling and Regulatory Advice
Processing System Designs

Food Safety
Shelf Life testing
Assistance with Product Testing
Assistance with Internal Audits and 2nd Party Audits

About Us

Rod Lingham

Christa Lingham

At Lingham Foods we will work with you to help bring your food ideas to fruition. Our training and expertise means we’re able to offer you as much assistance, or as little as you need. We can help you bring your product from the ground-up or simply help you with any difficulties that you may encounter.

We have over 50 years industry experience in product development, technical and quality management, sensory science, production management, and regulatory affairs.

Rod and Christa have qualifications in food science and technology, nutrition, rural product technology, assessment and training, and business management.

Case Studies

House Made Sauce

An Italian restaurant decided to start packaging and selling it’s famous house sauce. However the local Environmental Health Officer advised that the manufacturing and packaging of the sauce would require a separate Food Safety Plan. We worked with the restaurant to ensure their processes were safe and that the labelling information for the sauce was compliant; with a correct shelf life and storage instructions. We then assisted the client to write and implement a HACCP based Food Safety Plan for their manufacturing site and then organised for it to audited by a Department of Health and Human Service Victoria food safety approved auditor. The restaurant now produces sauce weekly to keep up with the demand.

Supermarket Brand

A small to medium sized food manufacture is contracted to provide a product for a larger brand that is stocked in supermarkets through out the country. Our client was required to upgrade their basic HAACP, Food Safety Plan to adhere to the label’s internal Quality Management Systems. We worked with our client to successfully upgrade and implement their new Food Safety Plan and pass an internal audit. We now provide the manufacturer on going assistance to keep their Food Safety Plan up to date and compliant with any changes to Food Regulation or the brand’s Quality Management systems. Their product was successfully rolled out across the Australia and they have gone on to provide more products to the brand.

Primary Producer

A passionate primary producer had started cooking and selling their own produce. They developed a fantastic recipe and had great market feedback. However some of their product had spoilage problems, which can be disastrous especially for a new venture. We assisted in improving their process controls so they could ensure their product was safe. The client also had some confusion as to the regulatory labeling requirements so we assisted with the correct ingredient listing and nutritional information. After encountering a roadblock we got our client back on track so they could keep selling their produce.

Spaghetti sauce
pesto sauce
Jarred food

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Rod and Christa Lingham
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